Does High Blood Pressure Affect My Weight Loss Balloon?

Reading Time: 3 minutes As you may know, high blood pressure is a condition that has been on the rise in recent years. In fact, an estimated 1.56 billion people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure, leaving them more susceptible to heart diseases, kidney disorders, and diabetes. Those with high blood pressure have coincided with a rise in worldwide […]

Is Sleep Affecting Your Gastric Balloon?

Reading Time: 3 minutes For years, the debate regarding the best weight loss routine has revolved around dieting, nutrition, and fitness. Meeting your weight loss goals is not as simple as you may think; there are hidden factors that truly affect our bodies without garnering much attention. These small things that people often forget can have large impacts on […]

Can Salt Lead to Weight Regain With My Weight Loss Balloon?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently, salt has become known as a nutritional enemy. Most people consume far more sodium than the recommended amount, with American’s averaging 3,400 mg of sodium intake per day. When trying to lose weight, most people don’t focus on salt as a potential inhibitor of significant weight loss; however, salt affects obesity in three different […]

Obesity, Immunity, and Your Weight Loss Balloon

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether or not you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, if you’re overweight there is a chance you are at risk of decreased immune function. In today’s world, our immune system is one of the most important bodily functions; a strong immune system means better defense against sickness and viruses. In fact, severe obesity has […]